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Jean-Paul Belmondo

 Mihaela, J.P., Katarina and Zuzana.

      Popular and world-known actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, who got very sick few 
days ago, visited the International Art Film festival in Slovakia in June. People from the small town of Trencianske Toplice, which welcomed Belmondo on the streets of this town, were very surprised with his modesty and simplicity. Always laughing, he arrived from the Vienna airport accompanied by his bodyguard and personal friend for over 30 years. His flight was late couple of hours and he apologised to all the people present for the delay. 
     Night before, his friend for many years, dog Kalypso passed away... Legend of the French and World cinemas, despite his great success he achieved in life, has always tried to remain and be simple, as he was during the previous years of life. I thank my destiny for the glory, but I live as I used to live before - he stated during the press conference. I sleep in the same  bed, have the same friends, I love my family and I have my own garden which is inaccessible for anyone but me - he said having that typical smile of him on his face. 68 years old Belmondo published his recipe for happiness: I never looked back on my years. If my health allows, I will continue in what I do. If not, I say to myself, I had a nice life. It is important to wake up 
every day with the same story: I am happy...- famous movie stunt said not 
knowing what will happen to him two months later.
    Being an actor gives people a unique imaginary. According to his opinion, acting and movie are able to cause a certain desire to dream within the person. Due to this, he is not bothered with beautiful women and  cars in movies: - I am aware that world is full of great misery, wars and unhappiness, but movie should help people to forget all that and dream about nice things - said Belmondo. He announced his closest plans. He will  start working on a new motion picture in December this year. The name of this movie is going to be "The Lion". He also wanted to play in the Theatre. Bebel, his nickname, after visiting Slovakai, where he received "Actors mission" award, will continue his trip to Hungary...
   During his holidays on Corsica this august, he turned very sick.  Newspapers
from Slovakai and 2t Team wish this great fellow and actor all the best  and to get well.                                                      (go to enter)

Zuzana Cizmarikova journalist  TASR - (Tiskovna agencija Slovacke Republike) for 2t

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